Pianos for Sale RARE 1926 Wurlitzer Grand Louis XV Baroque Honduran Mahogany

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This piano is made of imported Honduran Mahogany wood and is of the carved Louis XV/Baroque style. This model was one of the highest-grade, most expensive models in the Wurlitzer grand piano line. Because of their high cost when new, these pianos were built in modest numbers and are quite rare today.

This piano is in excellent ORIGINAL condition with the old worn strings and felts present. If you look at the soundboard in the pictures, you will see that the grain in the wood is very close together. When that tree was growing 200 years ago, America's forests were very dense and trees had to struggle to grow. As a result, the wood rings are very close together due to slower growth. This wood with tight rings is more resonate and has much better tone quality than new pianos. Unfortunately, most of this quality wood is gone forever. New pianos with green wood do not have the same sound because they are not as deep and resonate in tone quality. As these pianos are destroyed, this wonderful wood is lost forever. Luckily, people are beginning to realize the quality of these vintage instruments and they are investing in their restoration and preservation for future generations to enjoy. Restored, this piano is quite valuable.... $65,000 USD is what I've been quoted. This is not an inflated figure, but an actual figure that these pianos really are selling for after restoration.

This piano has been in my family since it was purchased brand new. The story is quite magical really....
My great grandmother was a seamstress in Chicago in the twenties. Her and her husband had two daughters. She did a lot of work on costumes for the opera. She was a lover of the arts and always wanted her daughters to play the piano. She walked by THIS piano every day on her way to work. It was in the window for sale. It’s a 1926, but she purchased it brand new in 1929 without telling her husband. They did not have much money, and without telling him she took every cent out of the bank and purchased this gorgeous piano. Let’s just say, my grandmother had never heard her parents fight like that before lol. Less than two weeks later... the banks failed in the Great Depression! They would have lost it all anyways! This piano has really meant a lot to our family I want it to go to a home that will cherish it more than anything. It has now been in our family for four generations. Sadly, I don't have a place to keep her, and it's time to part ways. This piano was VERY opulent in it's day, and I 100% believe you won't find another like her. Due to a sale that fell through and my need to have it moved soon, I have lowered the price to only $6,000!!

Price: $6,000 USD
Ad #: 34790
Manufacturer: Wurlitzer
Serial #: 79708
Year: 1926
Length: 6'2"
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Mahogany
City/State: Black Diamond, Washington
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Posted: 03/12/2019
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