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Upright Pianos for Sale Upright Pianos for Sale

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ImageYearDetailsSizePriceState / ProvinceCityPosted
1910Astonishing upright piano & Steinway bench56"$2,495GeorgiaLilburnDec 27, 2021
1946Astonishing Kimball upright piano & Steinway bench48"$3,495GeorgiaLilburnDec 27, 2021
1974Mason & Hamlin Upright pianoN/A$3,995GeorgialilburnMar 8, 2022
1990Baldwin Model 6000 Concert Vertical Upright Piano54"$4,395GeorgiaLilburnDec 27, 2021
1948Classic Mason & Hamlin42"$900GeorgiaSaint MarysMar 9, 2022
Yamaha U1 48" Vertical Upright piano48"$3,495GeorgialilburnDec 28, 2021
1994Inmaculada Yamaha U1 48" Vertical Piano Vertical48"$5,495GeorgiaLilburnDec 28, 2021
Silent system for Yamaha , Kawai, Steinway etc Upright Piano48"$2,495GeorgialilburnDec 28, 2021
1990Yamaha Disklavier Auto Player Piano Vertical (base U1)48"$6,595GeorgiaLilburnDec 28, 2021
Yamaha U1 48'' Upright Piano48"$4,395GeorgialilburnDec 28, 2021
1966Excellent Steinway & Sons upright piano. model 104545"$6,595GeorgiaLilburnDec 28, 2021
1910Gorgeous upright grand piano & Steinway chair56"$9,995GeorgialilburnApr 4, 2022
Yamaha U series Vertical Upright piano50"$3,495GeorgiaLilburnDec 28, 2021
1886Steinway & Sons upright grand piano 56''56"$7,995GeorgialilburnApr 4, 2022
2015Rare and exceptional Bluthner model D piano46"$9,995GeorgialilburnApr 4, 2022
Yamaha U1 48" Upright piano with silent system/ quiet time/ 48"$5,275GeorgiaLilburnDec 28, 2021
1887-1920Behning & Son Piano55"$2,000GeorgiaAustellDec 1, 2021
1913Mason & Hamlin upright grand piano 56''56"$2,995GeorgialilburnMar 14, 2022
2016Essex EUP-116FC Cherry Upright Piano45"$2,500GeorgiaSugar HillFeb 17, 2022
1891Steinway & Sons upright grand piano 56''56"$7,995GeorgialilburnDec 31, 2021

The Upright Piano

Upright pianos, also called vertical pianos, have upright rectangular bodies and strings that run vertically. They’re therefore more compact than grand pianos—and often, though not always, less expensive—which makes them a popular purchase for home use. Uprights are widely used as rehearsal and practice instruments in churches, community centers, schools and universities. While many people believe that upright pianos are naturally inferior to grand pianos, the truth is that the sound produced by any piano—grand or upright—is a result of the quality of materials, design of the instrument, and capability of the piano maker.

Upright Pianos on

PianoMart’s online inventory of upright pianos promises something for everyone, whether you’re a professional musician who wants grand piano sound without the footprint or a starter spinet for a new piano student. Browse our listings or use our search feature to filter your results by manufacturer, size, location/mile radius, color and price. Find your upright piano online with PianoMart.

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